Did you ever wonder what the short terms, such as NP SPM AGM mean that other ESNer’s are mentioning while speaking?

Ever wondered how ESN actually works not only on the Local and National level but also the International level?

Or did you ever wonder what you could do more for your local section, then ESN 101 is the meeting you need to attend to gain any information you want to know and you will be able to ask questions even to our National Board. 


ESN 101 is a newly developed project of ESN Turkey which is implemented in Izmir, 2015 for the first time. 

The aim of the project is to bring new members of local sections and experienced ESNers together in the framework of non-formal education to provide a high quality human source for the bright future of ESN Turkey. 

During the event, new members get the chance of meeting national board and national board supporters, enriching their knowledge about ESN and improving their soft-skills.

This year’s ESN 101 in Ankara is going to be held on 4th March at Bilkent University. 
The participation fee is 10 TL.